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Verizon Fios' Mix & Match 2.0/Your FIOS TV package allows you to get 70+ public access and broadcast channels, 5 national channels of your choice, and 30 national channels selected by Verizon based on preferences ascribed to your choices
Broadcast channels: PBS, ABC, local Fox, etc.  National channels: Discovery, HGTV, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc.

If Your FIOS TV reduces your monthly FIOS bill, savings are BIG


4 Steps For Current Verizon FIOS Customers
Your internet and/or phone services will remain unchanged.


Decide on your 5 national channels from the list found on pp. 2-5 of this  guide.

NOTE: Based on what it thinks are your "preferences," Verizon adds about 30 national channels; to avoid having Verizon add
 Fox "News," don't include in your 5 any news channels other than C-SPAN and/or BBC World.

Additional 70+ broadcast and local channels that will be included vary by zip.  Check here.



Locate your Fios account number and your PIN. 
Have the phone whose number is listed on the account nearby, in case you need to submit a code sent to verify your identity.

To call: Verizon Fios customer service:   
Ask for a service representative. 

To Chat: If you Chat here, the agent can quickly provide in the Chat a full list of channels you will receive based on the 5 channels you selected.



Call or Chat: Confirm that your Fios package includes the necessary "digital voice." Then ask for Mix and Match 2.0/Your FIOS TV by name and specify your selected 5 national channels. 


Ask about the cost - which varies.

Savings PER MONTH can be as great as $47, but not everyone saves. 


If your new bundle of channels/services saves you money, consider using some of your savings to support high-quality, local reporting.

"Honest media" is the best long-term approach to inoculate against the effects of disinformation media and push it to the fringe.


If you are not currently a Verizon Fios customer, click on the map to find out by zip code whether it is available in your area.

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