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Spectrum TV Choice allows you to get a set of broadcast channels that varies by zip, 15 national channels of your choice, and

1 regional sports channel 

Broadcast: PBS, ABC, Fox Broadcast, etc.  National: Discovery, HGTV, Fox Sports, ESPN, etc.

TV Choice is a live steaming service for Spectrum internet customers.
$29.99/month for year 1, then $44.99/month
with $12.95/mo. surcharge for broadcast channels
 Bundling and promotions can reduce cost -- also, no need to rent a cable box

Free access to the Spectrum TV App allows you to watch on devices
Watch on any smart TV,  Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV or XBox One  



4 Steps To Add Spectrum (Streaming) TV Choice To Your Spectrum Internet Account



When you talk with the agent you can discuss:

--Premium channels that can be added for an additional charge.

--Arrangements for streaming on your smart TV or through any external media devices that enable you to access streaming.



  If  your new bundle of channels/services saves you money, consider using some of your savings to support high-quality, local reporting.

Having more "honest media" outlets is the best long-term approach to inoculate against the effects of disinformation media and push it to the fringe.


After you figure out the 15 channels you want to select, call 833-219-4367.

Have your Spectrum account number, user name and password, and email on the account on hand.

To find out if Spectrum TV Choice & Spectrum Internet is available in your area, click on the map

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