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How you can use these

Change The Channel pledges

If you discover that a business is compelled to follow company policy regarding the channel that will show on screens in public places,

and that channel is Fox News

● Look up the mailing address of company management

● Download and then copy-and-paste each of the two pledges below into its own word document, tailoring each pledge to the company as suggested in italics

● Draft your own cover note

○ Describe the circumstances under which you encountered Fox News on
   the screen in a place of business under the company’s management
○ Ask that the company sign either of the two pledges
○ Indicate that DDAD will post any signed pledge here

● Send your note, the two pledge forms and a self-addressed, stamped envelope
to the company management

● Send us a message through our Contact Us page that describes the company to which you sent the pledges and what transpired -- Did you hear back? If you
heard back, what was the response?

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