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Show Me How!

Install the Change The Channel Deployment of the Ushahidi* app

Report an "ask" to add your pin to the Strength in Numbers map

Note: If you've already installed the app to map Fox News-Free TV, sign in to the app and then use the horizontal bars in the upper left to add the Change The Channel deployment. 

What will show up in the app? AS YOU CAN SEE, YOUR IDENTITY IS NOT PUBLIC!

How responses look to app users.

CTC responses.PNG

How a report looks to app users.

CTC report.png

Go to app store and download Ushahidi Mobile

  • Accept terms of service

  • Add deployment:  Change The Channel

  •  Sign up (look to the bottom of the fields), New fields will appear:

    • Display name (you can use any name, "anonymous," first name, etc.)

    • Email address (this is only for your login, not posted anywhere)

    • Password (8 or more letters/characters)

  • Select "Submit Survey Response”

  • Complete survey questions

CTC questions.PNG
Ask location.PNG
CTC questions 2.PNG
Comments CTC.PNG
  • Submit your report using the arrow in upper right

You'll see your mapped post when we next update the map screenshot on the

Strength in Numbers page.  Your report will show as a pin or a number in a general location; no information at all about your identity or location is available to anyone else reporting on the app. 

*"Ushahidi" means "evidence in Swahili, one of the language spoken in Kenya, where Ushahidi was developed to allow monitors to securely report election irregularities on their mobile phones.

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