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Connecting the Fight Against Faux News with 

Action to Support Honest News


Join the fight against Fox “News” and disinformation in general —even if you can’t remove Fox from your subscriptions.


If you depend on cable or streaming providers for live news and other TV, fighting back can be difficult. Fox and its parent corporation have sunk their talons deep into many TV platforms.


But there’s always a way to put Fox at a greater disadvantage—and that’s worth doing. That’s why we created scenarios to fit different household needs for news and sports in particular. Every strike counts, from stopping your support of Fox entirely, to getting some savings on your subscription and plowing some of it into Honest Media.


When you invest in media with journalistic integrity—like ProPublica, The Texas Tribune, and The Arizona Republic—you’re helping to build a broader, richer foundation for news that inoculates against simplistic ideas and outright lies.

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