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Meta/Facebook Shareholder Proposals 7, 9 and 14 -- for vote on May 25, 2021

Shareholder Activism:

Are you a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, therapist...


Sign our open letter to cable and streaming TV providers, asking that subscribers be given the means to deselect channels that have been purveyors of lethal COVID-19 disinformation and can be presumed to be willing to be purveyors of lethal disinformation about other medical emergencies going forward.


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Shareholder Activism

"Shareholder activism" is a way that shareholders can influence a corporation's behavior by exercising their rights as partial owners. They may file a shareholder resolution, a proposal submitted for a vote at the company's annual meeting., James Chen 12/5/2020



A National Effort to Demand

Corporate Governance Reforms at META/FACEBOOK 

DDAD statement asking for shareholder support of Shareholder Proposals #9 and #14

DDAD also urges shareholder support for META/FACEBOOK
Shareholder Proposal #7,
compelling a report on the cost of harm from misinformation pumped out for profit. More here: 

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Concluded Campaigns:

Nov. 2021 Fox Corp. Shareholder Resolution

Through a shareholder resolution voted on November 10, 2021, Fox Corp. shareholders were able to apply pressure on management to give priority to accuracy and journalistic integrity and thereby help protect the overall value of their investments. The resolution garnered roughly 1.9 million voted shares valued at about $73 million or 1.07%.

Details Here.