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Take Action Against
Alex Jones' Infowars

Alex Jones has lost his court cases and now has to pay up for his poisonous lies.

You can help put WGKA -- the Atlanta radio station broadcasting Infowars to a huge swath of Georgia -- in the court of public opinion. 


Jones has lost to Sandy Hook parents in two different court cases. It’s a great time to spend 15 minutes in a joint initiative with the Media Action Center to put pressure on WGKA, the Atlanta radio station with a huge listening area (conservatively, 5 million potential listeners) to stop poisoning the public airwaves with Alex Jones every Sunday evening 6-8 pm ET. Read on for background, or skip down to the ACTION STEPS.

BACKGROUND: Since the founding of the far-right radio and internet conspiracy website Infowars in 1999, Alex Jones has made a name for himself peddling wild antigovernment conspiracy theories, such as the one now in litigation regarding the Sandy Hook massacre, which he labeled a "false flag” operation by the government that would serve as its pretense to impose draconian gun control. With millions of regular viewers, Jones has made hundreds of millions of dollars profiting off sleazy self-help products while society pays the price of the lies he promotes. (Jones was also an instigator of the Jan. 6th attempted coup.)

About 25 radio stations nationwide still broadcast Infowars even though the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a rule against broadcast stations airing hoaxes unless they tell listeners in advance the show is fiction.  As Sue Wilson of the Media Action Center makes clear in a scathing op-ed, the FCC has largely shirked its duty to the public and will only act if those living in the stations' listening areas send a complaint letter (not an email). The Media Action Center has found that when activists combine local buzz about Infowars with FCC appeals, Infowars can vanish from station programs.  

This action targets Atlanta-based WGKA because it is probably has one of the largest, if not the largest, audiences of the stations still broadcasting Infowars. 


All it takes is 15 minutes to tailor and send off one or more of these materials if you’re in the WGKA listening area (see above) AND/OR send the link to this webpage to friends or family who live in the listening area. 

1. A letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution decrying the continued broadcast of Infowars on WGKA.

2. A letter to the WGKA station manager asking that the station stop broadcasting Alex Jones.

3. A letter to the FCC about WGKA broadcasting a program that has for years perpetuated a hoax AND an email to the Media Action Center, informing Sue Wilson that you have sent a letter to the FCC.

More Infowars actions will be posted in 2023.


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