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Infowars is still broadcast on 25 radio stations 

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Since the founding of the far-right radio and internet conspiracy website Infowars in 1999, Alex Jones has made a name for himself peddling wild antigovernment conspiracy theories, such as the one now in litigation regarding the Sandy Hook massacre, which he labeled a "false flag” operation to further efforts as gun control. With millions of regular viewers, Jones has made hundreds of millions of dollars profiting off sleazy self-help products while society pays the price of the lies he promotes. 

Sue Wilson, whose Media Action Center has been battling disinformation radio for years, has done the homework necessary to provide activists with all they need to successfully appeal to the FCC to get Infowars off the air.


The Federal Communications Commission has a rule against broadcast stations airing hoaxes unless they tell listeners in advance the show is fiction. But the FCC will only act if those living in the stations' listening areas send a complaint letter (not an email). 


Follow these easy steps laid out by the Media Action Center:


  1. Any person in the U.S. can complain to the FCC about the World Wide Christian Network (WWCR), a shortwave radio station that broadcasts Infowars. Send a letter (see #3 below) to the FCC and to WWCR at 1300 WWCR Ave., Nashville, TN 37218.  (For "Community of License" in the letter, write "Nationwide.") 

  2. You can also complain about another station if you are in the "community of service," which means you are in the listening area of a radio station broadcasting Infowars.  Cities with such stations include: Phoenix, Denver, Panama City (FL), Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Eugene and Salem (OR). Check this list for all 25 stations that the Media Action Center believes still broadcast Infowars. Contact any friends or relatives lives in a listening area even if you don't. 

  3. To complain about WWCR and/or any other station, tailor and send this letter to the FCC. 

  4. It's great to also write to the offending station' s general manager, program director, and news director. Pressuring local management can be crazy effective, according to Sue Wilson. 

  5. Alert the Media Action Center that you have sent a letter to the FCC (act@mediaactioncenter.net). This allows the Center to monitor what happens, and potentially file license challenges if the FCC and stations refuse to act.

Bonus points for generating local buzz, perhaps by simply writing a letter to the editor. For example, Infowars was being broadcast on Immaculate Heart Radio (Catholic) in Sacramento, so in 2020 Sue Wilson wrote this oped for the Sacramento Bee.  One week after a reader of the letter wrote the local bishop asking why the church was promoting Jones' lies, the radio station took Jones off the air in Sacramento and New Jersey (which broadcast into NYC).