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Fox-News-Free TV ... And More

Who Gets Your Money, Faux News or Honest News?

Fox News's greatest source of revenue: TV subscriptions

As a subscriber, you are subsidizing Fox News by about $2 per month --

even if you never watch.


Honest news needs our financial support

Reduce your overall TV costs and contribute the savings to Honest News.

The most powerful personal action you can take to fight Fox News is to



Use our self-assessment scenarios below to 

  •   Go Fox-News-free                 

  •   Save $$ on your TV subscription and support HONEST NEWS

         As you self-assess, think creatively...

         What TV does your household watch?

  •  Local/broadcast, e.g. PBS, ABC, Fox Broadcast...?

  • National channels, e.g. MSNBC, Fox Sports, Discovery, HGTV...?


Do you stream now? 

Can you substitute options below if channels you watch now are not in a new TV package?

  • Entertainment streaming, e.g. Netflix, HBO...

  • Sports streaming, e.g. Peacock, ESPN+... 




Senior grey haired woman folding arms and fond memories , dreaming isolated on white backg

Five Self-Assessment Scenarios:

Scenario 1 - I am, or could become, a Spectrum internet customer.


Option A:        

I want local/broadcast & national channels, including news and sports. I'm willing to stream. 

"In just 20 minutes, I was able to switch from Spectrum's Silver TV package, and we can now watch Fox-New-free TV Choice on our smart TV. Absolutely no hassles at all -- and we would have saved some money too except that I added more sports channels in the process." Roseanne C., California

Option B:       

I want local/broadcast & a variety of national channels, but don't need sports or will stream sports.

Call Spectrum (833-219-4367) and ask about your eligibility for

TV Lifestyle 

Scenario 2:  I am, or could become, a Verizon internet customer.           

I want local/broadcast & national channels, and I want sports, but I can go light on news. 

FIOS tv logo image.png


"I saved $47/mo. With my new "Your FIOS TV" subscription. Could not get rid of Fox due to other news channels I picked, but I'm using most of my savings to support 3 regional ProPublica outlets and Spotlight PA."  Julie G., Maryland  

"I don't mind having fewer channels now that they don't include Fox News." Pete T., Massachusetts

"Fox is still on our TV due to news channel selections, but we will save $18/mo. with Your FIOS TV and Verizon sent us upgraded routers." Patty F., Maryland

Scenario 3:  I'm not a Spectrum or Verizon customer.        

I want to stick with my current provider and package, but I'm unhappy about paying for Fox "News."

Call your provider's Retention Department and say you're unhappy about paying for Fox "News."  See if your unhappiness can, at least, save you money, even if you can't remove Fox from your package.

"I called and complained about Fox News to no effect, so I still have the same package. But the call was worthwhile because I was offered a new router and my monthly bill was reduced by $80. Now I'm going to invest some of my savings in Real News."

Nadine S., California

Scenario 4 - I'm not a Spectrum or Verizon customer, but I'm willing to change my provider.


I want national channels, but don't need much sports or news.  I don't care about local/broadcast.  I'm willing to use streaming TV.


Option A:        

Orange plan only

Option B:       

Scenario 5 - All I want is local/broadcast TV.  If I want more TV options, I'll stream entertainment and/or sports.


Option A:        

For local/broadcast only, 

Check out an antenna

Option B:       

For local/broadcast along with a few other channels, 

Call your current provider's Retention Department and complain about Fox "News." See what kind of bare bones package they will offer. 

"I went "bare bones" with Comcast Limited/Basic Choice to get rid of Fox and ended up with faster internet and $20/mo. savings."  Rosemary T., New Jersey

"AT&T offers the U-Verse Family Package. This bare-bones package has no CNN or MSNBC. . .but that's okay. Probably better for my nerves and I can get my news from PBS!" Marcia B., Florida

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