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Downloadable-Shareable Resources

Reach out to friends and relatives who share your concerns and encourage them to switch their TV package to Fox-News-free TV.  Use this email template and share this Fact/Action sheet.  Give them something they can do to fight Fox News lies!  They will thank you!

Fact/action sheet for Fox-News-Free TV:  Download by clicking on the pdf thumbnail, then attach to an email or print for in-person sharing.

Email template about Fox-News-Free TV: Download by clicking on thumbnail, tailor it as you wish, and then copy-and-paste into an email.

Here’s a ‘leave behind’ double-sided sheet to print out, cut up, and leave with the person you asked to Change The Channel.

Use this "pocket pointers" sheet to improve your success rate as you approach people with the Change the Channel message.

CTC pocket pointers.jpg
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