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Join our campaign to denormalize Fox News 

Ask to Change The Channel


When encountering Fox News on public televisions – in hotels, office lobbies, restaurants - ask someone to “change the channel.”  Appeal by explaining that Fox News radiates hostility that isn't good for a public place or business.

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Thank you to our partners at Hear Yourself Think.



We don't want to generate anger. 

No politics or trying to argue any facts except "inarguables."  While it might feel good to try to recite facts, realistically, it won’t be successful and will only raise the temperature of the conversation.

Don't ask for a change to CNN or MSNBC, or any cable news channel.

Don't record your actual Change The Channel conversation. 


And please, don't post on social media-- instead, map your "ask" (see below). Yelp or Google that name people or businesses. Social media blowback will not help this movement. 


Be positive, be friendly. Your main appeal is that Fox News radiates anger that can’t be good for a public place.  Value-based "inarguables" can be used (like "a house divided against itself cannot stand")

Remember that the idea is to get the business to change the channel to almost anything else - sports, home and garden, soap operas…

Make a personal commitment that you WILL ask to change the channel at the next opportunity. 

Printable Support Tools 

Click on these images for downloadable materials

Here’s a ‘leave behind’ double-sided sheet to print out, cut up, and leave with the person you asked to Change The Channel.

CTC pocket pointers.jpg

Use this "pocket pointers" sheet to improve your success rate as you approach people with the Change the Channel message.

If there's a company policy regarding

channels on public screens, use these 

"company pledge" templates

to send to management. 

IMO Circular image_640x360_edited.jpg

Thank you for being part of this movement. Please, spread the word to activist friends about DDAD and the Change The Channel campaign. 

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