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DDAD founders are united by a revulsion to media outlets whose business model depends on enabling and disseminating disinformation. We are dismayed by the passivity of governments, corporations and professionals in the face of this depravity and their reluctance to utilize every tool at their disposal to prevent our country from drowning in a sea of lies and conspiracy theories.

About Us

Sunken wreck of USCG Duane



You're probably already active in a grassroots group, working hard to defend democracy in many ways -- and that's great!  Please continue!...Why join a DDAD campaign in addition to your current activities?  We think the answer is that democracy will never be safe until disinformation is pushed to the fringes of media, no longer in the mainstream. And that means countering it at its source, not just trying to tweet and post about it once it's circulating. Our initial goals: 

  • Signal that consumers want and deserve access to a range of TV news channels whose purchase does not enrich Fox "News" through bloated fees.

  • Delegitimize Fox "News" as an acceptable news source because of its opinion programs; delegitimize Fox Corp's current management approach and as a corporation suitable for ad buys.

  • Provide those who are active in DDAD campaigns the tools, support, and reinforcement to counter Fox "News" disinformation.  

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