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Defenders of Democracy Against Disinformation 

A clearinghouse of concrete actions individuals and groups can take to:
1) stop the normalization of disinformation, and 2) reduce their own contributions to the revenue of companies that profit from disinformation. 

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March 8, 2023

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Help Crowdfund a Fox Defamation Lawsuit

Fox "News" is a factory for lies about individuals, many of whom are not well-known public figures. These lies not only convey false information, they are also delivered with shading that is overly personal and insulting and invites online harassment from viewers. These are not one-off lies, even though a single truly defamatory statement is sufficient to rule against the defendant in a defamation lawsuit. When tallied, their frequency and the time period over which the lies are spewed can be astounding.


Take, for example, the case of Nina Jankowicz, who was appointed a year ago to the poorly titled Disinformation Governance Board in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Board was falsely identified immediately by the right-wing media as a conspiracy to censor speech. In the ensuing coverage from Fox, Ms. Jankowicz's professional role and personal character were the subject of 900 malign comments over a 9-month period, long after she resigned. You can see a sample of them in this video.










Learn more here about why and how to join the crowdfunding to support Ms. Jankowicz in her pursuit of a defamation lawsuit against Fox.

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Know a local school board candidate fighting conspiracy theories?

Democracy and Education resources will help!

There are more school board members than any other category of elected official -- more than 88,000. School board members are often the most visible face of small-d democracy in a community. And school board elections have traditionally been sleepy, non-partisan affairs that typically cost little and attract little attention. But in the last two years they have become the target of a slew of right-wing organizations that are recruiting, training, and funding extremist candidates who spout disinformation and conspiracy theories. School board candidates who step up to protect their local public schools need to both understand the issues and how best to prevail over bullies, and yet there are very few resources available to help them. To fill that gap, a retired education writer founded Democracy and Education to offer school board candidates briefs, podcasts and news clips that prepare them for the challenge and give them the confidence that they can prevail. If you know a school board candidate or someone working on a school board campaign, direct them to to become part of a small but growing and vibrant community of folks around the country standing up for democracy and public education.   


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Mark Your


               Fox Propaganda -- What activists can do

            Media and Democracy Project Meeting

Sign up here for the Media and Democracy Project's upcoming sessions in a continuing series on strategies complementing DDAD's for fighting back against Fox propaganda.  The sessions are scheduled for 7-8:30 pm ET every two weeks.  The next sessions: March 20, April 3 and so on.

DDAD Campaigns

to Defend Democracy!

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Change The Channel

Make the case that extremist news channels stirring up anger are not a good fit for businesses and public places!

Campaign for
Fox-News-Free TV

Sorry to say, it's unlikely you will succeed in asking your TV provider to just pluck Fox News out of your current package. Find out what can work to stop supporting Fox.
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Protest Alex Jones'
being broadcast to Atlanta and the northern half of GA
 In a few minutes you can protest WGKA broadcasting this vile grifter to an area with a potential audience in the millions.

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